The terrorist impact on the southeastern european economies

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Μπογδανέσκου Σόνια
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George Stubos
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The terrorist impact on the southeastern european economies
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This paper is aimed at analyzing the terrorist impact on the southeastern european economies and demonstrate if the wars and other incidents that took place over time on the Balkan Peninsula were or not part of the terrorist attacks and the worldwide terrorist organizations.
The thesis is structured in three main parts, each chapter focusing on the evolution of the Balkan states, from the first disputes among states and up to the present moment.
The first chapter highlights the most important historical events, wars, treaties, political and economical changes that the Balkan states had been through for more than two decades. "The Balkan Peninsula at the crossroads" is a chapter that tries to demonstrate that the sensibility created by wars, the fall of Communism and the traumas that the Balkan citizens had to endure, transformed the states into vulnerable and weak entities that gradually accepted the infiltration of terrorist activities because of the high number of Muslims on the Balkan territories and their thirst for money.
The second chapter focuses on the macroeconomic level of the Balkan states and their interdependency . In this section, a detailed analysis has been made with regard to all the Balkan states, their macroeconomic situation and their impact worldwide. Moreover, the chapter analyzes the macroeconomic levels before and after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and their actual position on the XXIst century. These almost two decades of economic and political upturns and downturns had made the Balkan Peninsula one of the most important examples in history.
The third and the last chapter of this thesis puts emphasis on the future strategies and plans of protecting the Balkan states from becoming the next terrorist area, which could give birth to various terrorist activities if left unsecured by international and local authorities. As we all know, the Balkan Peninsula passes a very harsh transition period and the experiences gained up until now by each and single state is a lesson to be learnt by all of us.
In conclusion, the thesis reveals that the Balkan Peninsula is a transit zone of goods and services for the terrorists existing on the Eastern part of the world and that the Balkan states are the perpetrators of illegal businesses.
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