Language and Nationalism: The Creation of Greek National Identity

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Κατεύθυνση Σπουδές Νοτιοανατολικής Ευρώπης (Southeast European Studies)
Βιβλιοθήκη Πολιτικής Επιστήμης και Δημόσιας Διοίκησης - Επικοινωνίας και Μέσων Μαζικής Ενημέρωσης - Τουρκικών Σπουδών και Σύγχρονων Ασιατικών Σπουδών
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Γιούρη Έμα Άνν
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Παντελής Λέκκας, Καθηγητής, Τμήμα Πολιτικής Επιστήμης και Δημόσιας Διοίκησης, ΕΚΠΑ
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Language and Nationalism: The Creation of Greek National Identity
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Ελληνική γλώσσα και εθνικισμός: Η δημιουργία της ελληνικής εθνικής ταυτότητας
The modern nation-state of Greece is one that is rooted in classical antiquity and the Byzantine Empire. Meeting the demands of modernity, the young nation-state laid claim to the rich cultural heritage of two mighty empires in order to secure a salient national identity for its citizens. This paper analyzes how the Greek national identity came into being within the context of nationalism, framed by the continuity ideal. More specifically, it is an attempt to understand how language became one of the cornerstones of Greek national identity by looking at the historical and social context in the 19th and early 20th century. Through the diglossa language debate one can see the significance of language in Greece and how it facilitated a national identity to be rooted in language. We will turn to additional aspects of society affected during the 20th century that highlight the importance of language in Greek nationalism. Our discussion will end with the repercussions of this “Greekness” being rooted in the language.
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Κοινωνικές, Πολιτικές και Οικονομικές επιστήμες
Greek nationalism, Greek language, nationalism, language, 20th century, national identity, Greece
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