Changing students’ and teachers’ concepts and constructs of knowledge in RE in Greece

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Τμήμα Θεολογίας
Changing students’ and teachers’ concepts and constructs of knowledge in RE in Greece
Γλώσσες Τεκμηρίου:
Based on a qualitative research (2012–15) this paper is concerned with the identification of concepts and constructs of knowledge in RE. It is based on participative enquiry and educational action-research methodology. Over a three-year period, the researcher, teachers and the students of a High School in one of the most difficult social, economic and pedagogic environments in Greece collaborated and the resulting data were analysed by a team of independent researchers using quantitative and qualitative techniques. Findings point to the consideration of knowledge in education as an experience in which the content (what) of education is as important as the process (how). RE teaches an additional invaluable language with different religious meanings of concepts, which facilitates students’ communication with self and others, and offers an interpretation of the world. Such religious literacy is essentially provided at school in the framework of multi-literacies and is a result of an intersubjective process of the interconnection between thinking, reflection and action on what the curriculum positions on the top of the didactic triangle (content, teacher, student). In that process, to ‘know what I know’ and to provide ‘events with meaning’ based on experiential learning and its principles, is of inestimable value.
Έτος δημοσίευσης:
Marios Koukounaras-Liagkis
British Journal of Religious Education
Αριθμός / τεύχος:
Pedagogy, knowledge, secondary education, conceptual understanding
Κύρια θεματική κατηγορία:
Εκπαίδευση – Αθλητισμός

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