Grey Literature

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Grey Literature

The "Grey Literature" collection comprises of  theses that have been carried out by undergradute and postgraduate students and doctoral  candidates of NKUA during their corresponding academic programme. 

More specifically the collection includes:

  • Graduate (Bachelor) Theses
  • Postgraduate Diploma Theses
  • Doctoral Dissertations

The author/creator or each thesis/dissertation remains the sole holder of the related copyrights and grants the Library and Information Center (LIC) of NKUA with the non exclusive persmission to provide the thesis/dissertation on the internet,  via the Pergamos Institutional Repository platform. 

Access Policy:

Provision and access to the digital content is allowed under the consent of the corresponding authors and is offered exclusively for personal study and private use, as well as for educational or research purposes. 

The automated/systematic/mass download or printing of the included material is stricly forbidden. In the same sense, any attempt to use the content for commecrial use or for direct or indirect profit is also strictly forbidden