Flood hazard assessment with the use of modeling techniques

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Διακάκης Μιχάλης
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Καθηγητής Δημήτριος Παπανικολάου (Επιβλέπων), Ομότιμος Καθηγητής Σπύρος Λέκκας, Αναπληρωτής Καθηγητής Ιωάννης Φουντούλης
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Εκτίμηση πλημμυρικής επικινδυνότητας με τη χρήση μοντέλων προσομοίωσης
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Flood hazard assessment with the use of modeling techniques
Floods have been cited as one of the most important natural hazards in southern
Europe inducing yearly significant casualties and economic losses. Given the
limited research carried out in the field in Greece, this thesis' main
objective is to study the characteristics of flooding in the country and
examine different ways to assess and map flood hazard. To this aim, a
systematic database of flood events is developed recording information on their
location, time and induced casualties, offering for the first time an
assessment on the temporal, spatial and seasonal distribution of flood events
and fatalities across the country. In addition, the thesis develops a
methodology for flood hazard assessment based on the analysis of morphometric
and geologic characteristics of a basin with the aid of ArcHydro model and
kinematic wave equations. The method is applied in four catchments in Greece,
successfully delineating flood hazard zones. Moreover, the thesis applies
hydraulic modeling in two catchments using the HECRAS model, illustrating the
capabilities of the method in accurately delineating spatially flood hazard. In
addition, the thesis uses dendromorphology in conjunction with hydraulic
modeling to calculate water stage of past flow episodes based on abrasions
scars in vegetation. Subsequently, past floods are dated using tree-ring core
samples extracted from the scarred species. Additionally, the thesis examines
storm rainfall characteristics in two areas, showing the existence of
Intensity-duration thresholds above which, storms lead to flood-triggering. In
general, results showed the necessity of using different approaches in
obtaining a more realistic and comprehensive assessment of flood hazard, given
particular geoenvironmental and social characteristics of Greece and south
Europe in general.
Flood, Flood hazard, Hydrology, Flood modelling, Greece
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