Theon's commentaries on Ptolemy's Almagest

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Σκούρα Ιωάννα
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Χριστιανίδης Ιωάννης, Καθηγητής Τμήμα Μ.Ι.Θ.Ε. ΕΚΠΑ
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Τα σχόλια του Θέωνα στη Μαθηματική Σύνταξη του Πτολεμαίου
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Theon's commentaries on Ptolemy's Almagest
The primary aim of this thesis is to bring to light a hitherto unknown aspect
of Theon’s Commentary on the Almagest as well as a hitherto unknown part of
this work. It also aims at highlighting some of its specific aspects to which
the historiography of science had not paid till now the attention they deserve.
In the first chapter, after showing that Theon is deeply familiar with
Diophantus’ Arithmetica, is examined a new evidence that my research brought
to light and which proves that Theon had realized the dynamics of algebra as a
general method for problem solving. This is about a fragment of Theon’s
Commentary in which the Alexandrian erudite solves a mensuration problem from
geometry using the method of algebra. At the end of this chapter I present the
edition of the aforesaid fragment.
In the second chapter are examined in detail the two methods of linear
interpolation presented by Theon and which had not till now become object of
historiographical research.
The chapters 3 to 6 are devoted to Theon’s book 5 the most part of which was
till now unknown. In chapter 3 is described the history of this book, in
chapter 4 the way in which it is delivered, and in chapter 5 is presented its
content. Finally, in chapter
6 is published for the first time the unpublished text of this book which
brings to light
several new elements among which elements for the astronomical instruments of
Late Antiquity.
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Theon, Ptolemy, Almagest, Late Antiquity
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