Technological accidents and the concept of risk: the experience with blood screening technologies

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Τομέας Ιστορίας της Επιστήμης και της Τεχνολογίας
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Βλαντώνη Αικατερίνη
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Αριστοτέλης Τύμπας Αναπλ.Καθηγητής (Επιβλέπων), Κώστας Γαβρόγλου Όμοτ. Καθηγητής, Αριστείδης Χατζής Αναπλ. Καθηγητής
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Technological accidents and the concept of risk: the experience with blood screening technologies
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Τεχνολογικά ατυχήματα και η έννοια της διακινδύνευσης: η εμπειρία από τις τεχνολογίες ελέγχου του αίματος
This dissertation presents research on the introduction and use of genetic
technologies in blood screening, in the field of blood-banking and transfusion
medicine. These technologies, which were based on molecular (biology)
diagnostics, were promoted as inherently superior to existing
chemical-serological technologies of blood screening. The use of these
technologies, based as they were on the nucleic acid amplification testing
techniques (NAT), was advanced by its proponents as a way to reinforce blood
safety, to actually reduce the risk involved down to zero. The medical debates
that surrounded the introduction of NAT represent a central episode in the
history of recent and emerging medicine. Taking advantage of approaches from
the History of Science, Technology and Medicine and the interdisciplinary field
of study Science, Technology, Society (STS), the dissertation covers the
processes that led to the decision to undertake this investment in the United
States, a paradigmatic international case, and in Greece, a paradigmatic
national case. The international case offers the context required to introduce
properly to the national case; in turn, this national case offers details that
are critical to address the issues raised while studying the international
context. In Greece the introduction of NAT was the single most expensive
investment in the public health sector.
Science Technology Society (STS), History of biomedical technology, Social construction of risk, Blood screening technologies, Blood transfusion service in the US and in Greece
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