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Κατεύθυνση Εργαστηριακή και Κλινική Νοσηλευτική Καρδιολογία
Library of the School of Health Sciences
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Άννινου Δανάη-Μαρία
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Επίκουρος καθηγητής, Β' Παν. Καρδιολογικής κλινικής, ΑΤΤΙΚΟΝ, Ραλλίδης Λουκιανός
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Η μουσική ως συντελεστής αποδυνάμωσης προδιαθεσικών παραγόντων κινδύνου των καρδιαγγειακών νοσημάτων
Translated title:
Introduction: In recent years scientific research focused on recognition of
music as a therapeutic tool for diseases.
Aim: To compare cardiovascular risk factors among the general population of
people who choose or not, listening to music and aims to highlight the
potential role the music, in affecting favorably the risk factor profile.
Methods-tools: The sample (81 people) is from the general population by random
sampling. The Questionnaires were distributed to a private library of Patras
from March to June 2014. The questionnaire was divided into sections: general
questions, of self Spielberger «state-trait anxiety scale», recording physical
activity, diet, predisposing factors and elective music listening.
The tools of statistical analysis used are: test Shapiro-Wilk. For
comparison of mean values using the test student's t test for independent
groups and correlation analysis using the coefficient Pearson's r (r). For data
analysis used the statistical package STATA 12.0 (College Station, Texas USA)
and MS Excel.
Results: There were no significant correlations between music listening and
levels of cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose
and blood pressure. There was a positive correlation of stress with levels of
systolic blood pressure, irrespective of age and sex. No correlation was
recorded in terms of time listening to music (rate 60 beats / min) and the
number of days listening to music last week, compared with levels of anxiety
(all p> 0,05).
Conclusion: No correlation was found between music listening and cardiovascular
risk factors. The absence of correlation effects, was possibly due to the small
sample and that the sample was not representative.
Music, Prevention, Cardiovascular disease, Stress, Lifestyle
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