Risk factors of coronary disease in psychiatric patients – Comparison by underlying diseases

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Κριτσωτάκης Εμμανουήλ
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Επίκουρος Καθηγητής Καρδιολογίας κ. Λουκιανό Ραλλίδη
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Παράγοντες κινδύνου στεφανιαίας νόσου σε ψυχιατρικούς ασθενείς βάσει υποκείμενης νόσου
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Risk factors of coronary disease in psychiatric patients – Comparison by underlying diseases
Subject: Risk factors of coronary disease in psychiatric patients –
Comparison by underlying diseases
Cardiovascular disease, including coronary heart disease, stroke, and
peripheral vascular disease is the leading cause of death in most developed
countries and will remain so during the 21st century. As in the general
population, cardiovascular disease are the leading cause of death in patients
with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and severe depression, and in contrast to
the general population, mortality from cardiovascular disease in psychiatric
patients is not reduced. The purpose of this study is to gain more knowledge
about the risk factors of cardiovascular disease in patients with serious
psychiatric disorders. We selected 62 patients with depression and 75 patients
with schizophrenic disorder, hospitalized in Dromokaitio Hospital, from March
to November 2014. Then we studied the demographic characteristics of the
sample, such as age, sex, educational level and marital status, the
somatometric characteristics such as height, weight, waist , the patients’
medical history, such as diabetes mellitus, cardiac disease, some biochemical
markers measured during the patient’s admission (glucose, creatinine,
cholesterol, triglycerides etc), risk factors such as smoking and finally the
medication. 65% of patients had a history of arterial hypertension, 11.7%
history of cardiac disease, 6.6% had a history of stroke, while a disease from
the digestive or respiratory suffered 4.4% and 7.3 % of patients respectively.
64.2% of the sample had hypertension, 6.6% suffered from diabetes, 65% had some
form of dyslipidemia, 56.2% had family history of cardiovascular disease, while
only 22.6% said that pursuing a form of exercise. Especially striking is the
fact that 81.8% smokes. Comparing both groups of our patients we observed
statistically significant difference in education level, where patients with
schizophrenia had lower level of education, also in the group of psychotic
patients increased glucose levels were observed and they consumed more
cigarettes per day compared with the group of patients with bipolar disorder .
Also found statistical significant difference for the event CVD for marital
status, but only in patients with bipolar disorder, the educational level of
psychotic patients, any diseases of the digestive or respiratory group of
patients with psychoses, while smoking, and hyperlipidemia played no role in
any of the two groups for the occurrence of cardiovascular disease. However,
the prevention of cardiovascular disease in patients with psychiatric disorders
is essential, and is needed to take stronger action to support patients of this
sensitive team.
Σχιζοφρενείς , Στεφανιαία νόσο, Διπολική διαταραχή, Καρδία , Φυσιολογία
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