Evaluating impacts from projects referring to human health during environmental permitting

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Κατεύθυνση Περιβάλλον και Υγεία: Διαχείριση Περιβαλλοντικών Θεμάτων με Επιπτώσεις στην Υγεία
Library of the School of Health Sciences
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Νικολάου Μαρία
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Γεώργιος Μπάλιας, Πολυξένη Νικολοπούλου-Σταμάτη, Νικόλαος Καβαντζάς
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H αξιολόγηση των επιπτώσεων έργων και δραστηριοτήτων με αναφορά στην ανθρώπινη υγεία κατά τη διαδικασία της περιβαλλοντικής αδειοδότησης
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Evaluating impacts from projects referring to human health during environmental permitting
Environmental protection is established and guaranteed by the legislator
through the
environmental permitting. The impacts from operation of the projects are
estimated with this
balancing process, while attempting a substantial intervention in development
planning. Health
protection is also passing through the state's obligation to care for it. For
the first time in EU law
on a directive on environmental permitting health integration is proposed. This
is very important
because the impact of environmental projects and activities is estimated and
moreover health is
introduced. So far the Greek law did not require the health protection in the
permitting. Although the environmental impact assessment is established for
years, health impact
assessment is a fragmentary and not effective methodology of Member States. It
is proposed the
establishment of a methodology, which is quite similar to the corresponding on
the assessment of
environmental impact. A common and important tool for achieving the objectives
of both
methodologies is risk analysis. This tool is used in order to estimate limit
values and
environmental risk assessment on human health and less impact assessment in
project activities
and operation. In this new context is being created, estimation of the impact
of the environment
on health, with new approaches, is essential for the recognition health’s
evolution (e.g.
biomarkers, holistic approach and changes in metabolic pathways).
Health, Environment, Impacts, Industry, Law
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