control, testing and presentation of free applications for visually impaired people in iOS devices

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Κουσίδης Σπυρίδων
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Αναπλ.Καθηγητής Γεώργιος Κουρουπέτρογλου
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Έλεγχος, Δοκιμασία και Παρουσίαση Δωρεάν Εφαρμογών για άτομα με απώλεια Όρασης σε iOS συσκευές
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control, testing and presentation of free applications for visually impaired people in iOS devices
The entry of smartphones and tablets in the market emerged new opportunities in
the domain of Assistive Technology (AT) for persons with disabilities. The
support needs of people with disabilities and their coverage through the
software applications are the basis of this study. Firstly we made the renewal
of the fields of information of open source programs located in website
( These programs are available to
users and related with the solution of the problems that people with special
needs have. The renewal was necessary, firstly because of the evolution in the
track of desktop computer software, secondly because of the renewal of the
technical characteristics of applications. Piece of the above website is the
repository of mobile applications m-Athena. The application development of
mobile devices serving the disabled brought new data on the use of smartphones
and tablets. At this point the second part of our investigation is very
important. Specifically we searched, tasted, selected, evaluated and rejected
applications written for iOS devices that serve people who are visually
impaired. Then the collected applications, categorized according to the needs
they serve and presented in Greek and English language. The presentation of
these applications has to deal with their technical characteristics and the
needs of visually impaired people. The search process for mobile AT
applications that fulfill specific user needs is not an easy task by the
end-users, their facilitators as well as the professionals in the area of
rehabilitation for the disabled. Even, when they finally find what they are
looking for; a number of questions are raised relative to the reliability,
stability, compatibility and functionality of the AT applications. Τhe
web-search based on specific keywords that a AT experts team appointed. In
final test we use the latest iOS devices (iPhone, iPad). Specifically we
studied over 300 free apps of which only 92 meet the criteria we set. We aim to
give a complete and updated list of the latest free apps on iOS, these
applications will help to make easier the daily life of visually impaired
Free Apps, Accessibility, Visually impaired, Mobile Devices, iOS
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