" Points of contact and conflict between the Geneva Convention (1951) and the set of Schengen rules "

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Pappas Athanasios
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Λέκτωρ κ. Κυριακόπουλος Γεώργιος
Επίκουρη καθηγήτρια κα. Κουσκουνά Μεταξία
Επίκουρη καθηγήτρια κα. Γαβουνέλη Μαρία
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« Σημεία επαφής και τριβής μεταξύ της Συμβάσεως της Γενεύης (1951) και του πλέγματος ρυθμίσεων Schengen »
Translated title:
" Points of contact and conflict between the Geneva Convention (1951) and the set of Schengen rules "
This thesis shows how the 1951 Refugee Convention interacts with the set of Schengen rules relating to the protection of refugees, especially when displaced people illegally cross the EU external borders coming from a State party to the 1951 Convention, aiming to seek a better future in a European Country. It examines the legal and institutional framework for Refugee Protection, focusing on the obligations of states to refugees under the Geneva Convention which constitutes a legally international binding instrument for refugee law signed in the year 1951 to define the standards for the treatment of refugees. It considers the definition of refugee as spelled out in the 1951 Refugee Convention, as well as the administrative measures relating to refugees and the supervisory role of UN High Commissioner for Refugees. It then discusses the application of the 1951 Geneva Convention to the set of Schengen rules relating to the refugees, underling the most significant legal Acts of the European Union relating to the asylum policy inside the Schengen zone. Finally, it looks at the refugee problem mainly in the context of human rights, considering especially the points of conflict between the 1951 Convention and the set of Schengen Rules relating to the Status of Refugees, as well as considering ways in which present refugee protection mechanisms might be adapted to help implement refugee rights and radically address the global refugee crisis.
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Law and Legislation
International Law, Schengen, European Union, protection, refugees, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, persecution, asylum, resettlement, non refoulement, expulsion
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