Social movements of migrants: acquiring the Greek nationality and the issue of statelessness

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Κατεύθυνση Κοινωνιολογία του Δικαίου
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Ελένη Ρεθυμνιωτάκη, επίκουρη καθηγήτρια, κοινωνιολογία δικαίου, Νομική Σχολή ΕΚΠΑ
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Κοινωνικά κινήματα μεταναστών: η διεκδίκηση κτήσης της Ελληνικής ιθαγένειας και το ζήτημα της ανιθαγένειας
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Social movements of migrants: acquiring the Greek nationality and the issue of statelessness
The thesis examines the legal framework for acquiring citizenship in the European Union. The way of acquiring citizenship in Greece is examined under the existing new legal status as well as the immigration policies that affect the way of acquiring citizenship in Greece. In addition, the question of statelessness and the obligation of state protection as well as the legal treatment at international level and state protection obligations in accordance with the relevant UNHCR's international treaties and proposals will be further analyzed. There is a critical view of Law 4332/2015 for the acquisition of Greek nationality and then a detailed reference will be made to the movements and organizations of refugees and immigrants, the influence of migrant movements principles on citizenship policy and the integration of political proposals by immigrants from political parties. Meanwhile, joint movements, proposals from NGOs, movements and intergovernmental organizations will be considered. The aim of the thesis is to demonstrate concrete transformations and influences on the production of law in relation to immigration and in general the rights of immigrants. For this reason social movements will be explored by both immigrants and those who claim the right to acquire Greek citizenship.
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Sociology of Law
nationality, social movements of migrants, statelessness
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