Design and development of a web platform for second medical opinion on imaging exams

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Polytimi Kydoniadi
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Ιωάννης Μαντάς, Καθηγητής, Νοσηλευτική, ΕΚΠΑ
Ελένη Θεοδοσοπούλου,Καθηγήτρια, Νοσηλευτική, ΕΚΠΑ
Θεόδωρος Μαριόλης-Σαψάκος,Επίκουρος καθηγήτης, Νοσηλευτική, ΕΚΠΑ
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Σχεδιασμός και ανάπτυξη διαδικτυακής πλατφόρμας για παροχή δεύτερης ιατρικής γνώμης για απεικονιστικές εξετάσεις
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Design and development of a web platform for second medical opinion on imaging exams
The phenomenon of wrong medical diagnosis is very common in healthcare, even nowadays where technology developments have provided important diagnostic tools to health professionals. These misdiagnoses can not only lead to serious medical dangers but also increase patient costs for healthcare. Many times, the patient doubts whether his or her disease diagnosed correctly or given the right treatment and is seeking a second or third opinion in order to make a decision. The field of tele-radiology, which allows the transmission of medical digital images from one terminal to one or more at any time, is a major development. Condition for the operation of tele-radiology is the use of digital imaging and networking technologies.

The purpose of this postgraduate diplomatic thesis is the design and the implementation of a web platform for the submission of second medical opinion requests for medical imaging examinations. The patient will be able to upload digital images from his/her medical imaging exams to this platform, view them and share them with doctors who are registered to the platform. These images will be viewed through an embedded viewer in DICOM format, thus ensuring the diagnostic value. The doctor will be able to view the images of the exams which patients share with him, and in an embedded text editor will be able to write the report. Uninterrupted access to the web platform at any time from any device and high automation is one of its key components.
After analyzing requirements and defining specifications, the platform was developed using open source technologies and programming languages.
Finally, was made reference to the expected benefits of the proposed platform and future objectives.
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Health Sciences
Imaging exams, Web platform, Dicom, Open source
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Σχεδιασμός & αναπτυξη διαδικτυακης πλατφόρμας για παροχή δευτερης ιατρικης γνώμης για απεικονιστικες εξετάσεις_fn.pdf
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