Contemporary theatre approaches to Homer's Odyssey

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Kehaya Virginia
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Γιώργος Π. Πεφάνης, Αναπληρωτής Καθηγητής, Τμήμα Θεατρικών Σπουδών, Φιλοσοφική Σχολή, Εθνικό και Καποδιστριακό Πανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών
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Σύγχρονες Σκηνικές Προσεγγίσεις της Οδύσσειας
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Contemporary theatre approaches to Homer's Odyssey
In recent years a tendency of rendering non-theatrical scripts, which belong to the Greek or foreign literature and poetry, has been noticed. Drama scholars are wondering about the incentives and the inclination towards it. Moreover, a great effect has been caused by the fact that in the last ten years performances have been held inspired by Homer’s epic poem of Odyssey. The motives of these approaches vary and depict financial reasons, aesthetic experimentations or even research aspects.

This dissertation approaches the staging of Odyssey, exploring those performances which were created with the aim of promoting international artistic dialogue or the international way of production. Based on the above, the following performances were chosen for research: Telemachus , Should I stay or should I go? by Anestis Azas and Prodromos Tsinikoris , Odyssey by Robert Wilson, The last caravanserai by Ariane Mnouchkine and the Théâtre du Soleil.
The comparative analysis that was conducted, made an attempt to feature the reason why each one was chosen by the director of either of the plays. Throughout this research, the issues that are associated with the era of each play are profound, as well as, in two of them, sociopolitical. For that reason, a retrospect is attempted from the latter to the former. The questions that are set not only revolve around the appropriacy and the use of the epic poem of Odyssey concerning the performance, but also concern those elements that render it to become a dramatic beginning for the development of the discussion concerning identity, interaction with other people, a nation’s uprooting, repatriation and difficulties of displacement.
Which are Odyssey’s features that make it a popular choice among the directors? How do they handle it? Which are the main axes on which a discussion is made easier on the topic of personal pursuit, immigration, the journey?
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Fine arts - Entertainment
Odyssey, documentary theatre, Telemachus-Should I Stay oy Should I go?, The Last Caravanserai, Robert Wilson
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