"Utilisation des moyens numériques pour la pédagogie differenciée du FLE aux apprenants dyslexiques"

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Κατεύθυνση Εκπαιδευτική Τεχνολογία και Ανάπτυξη Ανθρωπίνων Πόρων
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Koutrakou Evangelia
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Γεώργιος Θ. Καλκάνης,Ομότιμος Καθηγητής, ΠΤΔΕ,ΕΚΠΑ
Ματθαίος Α. Πατρινόπουλος
Ιωάννης Ε. Βρεττός,Καθηγητής ,ΠΤΔΕ,ΕΚΠΑ
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«Αξιοποίηση ψηφιακών μέσων για τη διαφοροποίηση της διδασκαλίας της Γαλλικής ως ξένης γλώσσας σε μαθητές με δυσλεξία»
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"Utilisation des moyens numériques pour la pédagogie differenciée du FLE aux apprenants dyslexiques"
The psychosocial approach of the classroom and the problems created due to the heterogeneity of students has been a matter of concern among pedagogues. How do we observe and analyze what is going on in the classroom? Which are the methods of intervention as well as teachers’ attitude towards students who are in need of assistance, in order to develop their aptitudes, especially those who are diagnosed with dyslexia?

All those questions, as well as many others not included here, enhance that pedagogical question. The deeper understanding of the differential instruction gives teachers essential information about the personal interest and learning results of their students. «The psychology of the team» and its contribution to the progress of the learning procedure constitutes a turning point in the classroom.

This paper is addressed to teachers who wish to differentiate their teaching methods using technological tools which will not only enable them as far as classroom management is concerned, but will also encourage their dyslexic students to continue learning a foreign language. This paper ,in the first part, is about a didactic design proposal which is constituted by the theoretical analysis of this theory with examples, and by interactive activities in the second part.

The term «differentiation» is not only related to the instruction of the mother tongue but also with the foreign language and implies a good guidance technique which must be applied in an organizational and regulatory level. It is a «savoir faire» French technique (know what to do) based on the theory of entertainment. It is an undeniable fact that teachers cannot teach effectively if they are unaware of the notion of interaction. When it comes to the difficulties regarding their students paying attention, teachers usually wobble between two stages: a. the spiritual which is related to discipline, b. the one that indicates that everything depends on the teacher.

The secret lies behind the production of the quality of knowledge. But the question remains, how can we pass from «performing more» to «performing better»?
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Technology - Computer science
special education, technological education ,differrentiated teaching, interaction, dyslexia, learning difficulties,development of human resources, pédagogie differenciée, processus d' apprentissage, didactique des langues, éducation des langues étrangères,didactique du FLE, planification didactique, scénario didactique, enseignement spécial, éducation spécialisée, troubles d' apprentissage, dyslexie, interaction
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