Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Post-traumatic Growth in patients with breast cancer

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Κατεύθυνση Οργάνωση & Διαχείριση ανακουφιστικής & υποστηρικτικής φροντίδας χρονίως πασχόντων
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Lavda Nikoletta
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Πατηράκη Ελισάβετ, Καθηγήτρια, Τμήμα Νοσηλευτικής, ΕΚΠΑ, Επιβλέπουσα
Σουρτζή Παναγιώτα, Καθηγήτρια, Τμήμα Νοσηλευτικής, ΕΚΠΑ
Κατσαραγάκης Στυλιανός, Επίκουρος Καθηγητής, Τμήμα Νοσηλευτικής, ΕΚΠΑ
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Μετατραυματική Διαταραχή του Στρες και Μετατραυματική Ανάπτυξη σε ασθενείς με καρκίνο μαστού
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Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Post-traumatic Growth in patients with breast cancer
Introduction: Diagnosis of breast cancer is a sudden overthrow of a woman's life that is constantly overshadowed by the threat of death. This experience is particularly stressful and can become traumatic under certain conditions. Breast cancer as a trauma brings both negative and positive effects. Characteristic examples of these include Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Post-traumatic Growth (PTG).
Purpose: The investigation of PTSD and PTG incidence in breast cancer patients, the study and record of factors that contribute to their appearance and the investigation of possible relationship between them.
METHODS: This systematic review is based on a search in the PubMed, Wiley Online Library, Taylor & Francis Online and Ingenta Connect databases, using relevant terms as keywords, for 2007-2018.
RESULTS: In total 61 articles are included. The analysis of individual studies shows that various demographic, medical and psychosocial factors have a positive or negative impact on the development of these phenomena, such as age, chemotherapy, and specific coping strategies.
Conclusions: Only a small percentage of patients will develop PTSD, with the majority of them experiencing PTG. At the same time, it appears that these two concepts are independent and not related to each other. However, the varied differences in methodological design and significant limitations don’t allow exporting safe and clear conclusions. In the future, longitudinal and prospective studies will shed more light on the factors that influence the incidence of these phenomena and will accurately describe the correlation between them.
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Health Sciences
Breast cancer, Post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, Post-traumatic growth, PTG
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