“How Has Turkey's EU Accession Course Affected Greek-Turkish Relations”

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Κατεύθυνση Σπουδές Νοτιοανατολικής Ευρώπης: Πολιτική, Ιστορία, Οικονομικά
Βιβλιοθήκη Πολιτικής Επιστήμης και Δημόσιας Διοίκησης - Επικοινωνίας και Μέσων Μαζικής Ενημέρωσης - Τουρκικών Σπουδών και Σύγχρονων Ασιατικών Σπουδών
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Moutsopoulou Ioanna
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Dr. Thanos Dokos, Director of ELIAMEP
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“How Has Turkey's EU Accession Course Affected Greek-Turkish Relations”
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“How Has Turkey's EU Accession Course Affected Greek-Turkish Relations”
Studying about the European Union and Greek-Turkish relations, it is really interesting to imagine how things would be if Turkey was a full member of EU’s family since the time that Greece joined the Union. A possible question probably seems pointless but if we all realize that this scenario plays the most important role in each country’s foreign policy and behaviour towards its neighbours, such as the relations among the three players in the triangle of Greece - Turkey and EU, we could infer that this transnational organisation had influenced Greek-Turkish relations.
In this paper it will be provided an effort to examine the following working hypothesis: “how could Turkey's EU accession course have affected Greek-Turkish relations”, by referring to the historical background since the EU was the European Economic Community, Greece’s process to join the Union as a full member and Turkey’s application to enter the EU. Moreover, the totally different aspects between the two countries and the crucial “Cyprus problem (Kypriako provlima)”, which was continuously deteriorating their relationship.
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Social, Political and Economic sciences
Turkey, Greek Turkish relations, E.U, Copenhagen criteria, theories of European integration, europeanisation process, Cyprus issue, Aegena dispute, Euro Turkish relations, Turkey's aspirations, Acquis Communautaire, Helsinki summit, Euroscepticism in Turkey,
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