Wheelchair tennis

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Adamopoulou Evangelia
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Εμμανουήλ Ζαχαράκης
Βαθμίδα: Επίκουρος Καθηγητής ΣΕΦΑΑ-ΕΚΠΑ
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Η Αντισφαίριση με Αναπηρικό Αμαξίδιο
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Wheelchair tennis
Wheelchair tennis is a wonderful and remarkable sport. People with disabilities are called upon to cope with their own unique abilities in the demands of a dynamic sport that includes speed, power, coordination, balance and strategy. Without the ability to move the lower body and with only the help of their wheelchair they manage to accomplish all of these skills as an able-bodied tennis athlete. The variations are minimal in terms of the game, the field and the rules and the spectacle is captivating, inspiring and unique.
The present thesis aims to provide in-depth information on wheelchair tennis. The first chapter introduces the sport of tennis with and without a wheelchair. Afterwards, the most important historical facts about wheelchair tennis in relation to the Paralympic Games and the evolution of the sport from 1976 to the present are presented. The next section of this thesis examines the different disabilities that require the use of a wheelchair, as well as disabilities that are accepted in the sport of wheelchair tennis. At the same time, detailed reference is made to the important part of wheelchair tennis classification, while conclusions are drawn from research on it. Furthermore the rules of the sport and its most important technical elements are highlighted. The final part of this thesis mentions the energy requirements of wheelchair athletes with concurrent references to research findings.
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Education - Sport science
wheelchair, tennis, disabilities
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