Economic crisis. Reason, Reverberations, Actions

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Κατεύθυνση Στρατηγικές Διαχείρισης Καταστροφών και Κρίσεων στους Διοικητικούς και Αναπτυξιακούς Τομείς
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Stouraiti Sotiria-Nefeli
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Λέκκας Ευθύμης Καθηγητής ΕΚΠΑ , Λόζιος Στυλιανός», Επίκουρος Καθηγητής ΕΚΠΑ ,Σούκης Κωνσταντίνος Εργαστηριακό Διδακτικό Προσωπικό ΕΚΠΑ
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Οικονομική κρίση. Αίτια, Επιπτώσεις, Τρόποι Αντιμετώπισης
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Economic crisis. Reason, Reverberations, Actions
This master thesis initially aims at research, later on understanding the concept of 'financial crisis'. Within master thesis reported in detail the causes, the reverberations and the actions of the above phenomenon. For the research of this work host Greek and foreign language bibliography, but and valid websites enabled the accurate depiction of the history of Greece.
In the first chapter trying to defining the economic crisis, but also identifying the types of crisis. That were so present in Greece, but also in Europe. The history of the Greek financial crisis is clearly illustrated by the problems that adore during the First and the Second World Wars, the depository of the four bankruptcies, the financial situation that prevailed during the dictatorship of I. Metaxas, the post-political economic situation of Greece and the process of entering in EMU, but also the swelling of public debt that led to the recent financial crisis in early 2008.
In the second chapter attempts to identify the causes that led to the 2008 crisis. The Greek state's anti-development policy and the lack of competitiveness, the twin deficits, the non-performing loans and the case of the Greek "bubble" illustrate in a more subtle way the problems that have been plaguing and continue to some extent to this day, Greek state.
In the third chapter illustrates the adverse effects of the Greek crisis on the social fabric. The unemployment, the degradation, the economic migration and the Brain Drain of thousands of people, as well as the massive lock-out and bankruptcies of businesses that left their mark on Greek history, are an important step there.
In the fourth chapter describes the measures taken by the Greek Government to deal with the economic crisis. The three memorandums signed by Greece's entry into the European Support Mechanism, until the latest and most recent in 2018, show the burden that Greek society has raised over the years, as well as the effort to renew it.
In the fifth and final chapter illustrates the catalytic conclusion of all the elements that make up this master thesis, from the causes to the state of Greece outside the Memorandum.
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bankruptcy depository, 2008 financial crisis, public debt, twin deficits, banking crisis, Greek ‘’bubble’’, unemployment, memoranda
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