Risk and Crisis Management in the School Community. Case Study: Τhe School Units of the Municipality of Lamia

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Κατεύθυνση Στρατηγικές Διαχείρισης Καταστροφών και Κρίσεων στους Διοικητικούς και Αναπτυξιακούς Τομείς
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Stavropoulos Thomas
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Δρ Κούρου Ασημίνα, Γεωλόγος, Προϊσταμένη του Τμήματος Εκπαίδευσης - Ενημέρωσης του Ο.Α.Σ.Π.
Δρ Ντρίνια Χ., Αναπλ. Καθηγ. ΕΚΠΑ
Δρ Αντωναράκου Α., Αναπλ. Καθηγ. ΕΚΠΑ
Δρ Λέκκας Ε., Καθηγ. ΕΚΠΑ
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Διαχείριση Κινδύνων και Κρίσεων στη Σχολική Κοινότητα. Μελέτη Περίπτωσης: Οι Σχολικές Μονάδες του Δήμου Λαμιέων.
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Risk and Crisis Management in the School Community. Case Study: Τhe School Units of the Municipality of Lamia
In Greece various natural phenomena occur, such as earthquakes, fires, flames, thunderstorms, snowfalls and landslides every year. There is also a link in the increase in intensity and frequency of these phenomena with climate change and with anthropogenic factors. These phenomena can be devastating in some cases and can cause human casualties, damage to buildings and infrastructure, and have a significant impact on the economy, society and the environment.
School community safety is one of the seven objectives of the Sendai 2015-2030 framework for disaster risk reduction globally. The 'Safe School' aims to create school units based on three key pillars: safe school buildings, school unit risk management preparedness and policies and national strategies, which foster the reduction of inclusion issues, the risk of disasters in the context of formal education.
It is worth mentioning that according to the Greek institutional framework, all primary and secondary education structures in the country are required to draw up an emergency plan for extreme weather events, earthquakes and fires.
The purpose of this thesis is to study and analyze issues related to emergency planning of the school units of the Municipality of Lamia, the role of the school community, as well as teachers' readiness and perception of disaster risk reduction at individual and work level.
For the purpose of the research, the history of the natural disasters of the Municipality of Lamia was studied, and a special questionnaire was developed to investigate the knowledge, preparedness and perception of primary and secondary education of the municipality in relation to hazards and disasters. The results of the survey showed that 89.4% of the schools have an Emergency Plan and 83.8% of the respondents answered that they know it. In addition, 65% of schools do one to two preparedness exercises each year, while only 17.7% of school units perform three preparedness exercises. Interviews were also conducted with the relevant authorities to collect data on risk management actions at school units as well as locally.
After analyzing the results of the research, conclusions were drawn to improve the emergency planning of the school community of Lamia, as well as suggestions for good practices.
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emergency plan, safe school, exercise preparedness, primary and secondary education, Municipality of Lamia
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