The characteristics of the acute bronchiolitis in infants. Differences between RSV and no-RSV acute bronchiolitis

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Christou Evangelos
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Κώστας Πρίφτης, Αναπληρωτής Καθηγητής, Ιατρική Σχολή, ΕΚΠΑ
Κωνσταντίνος Δούρος, Αναπληρωτής Καθηγητής, Ιατρική Σχολή, ΕΚΠΑ
Ευθυμία Αλεξοπούλου, Καθηγήτρια, Ιατρική Σχολή, ΕΚΠΑ
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Xαρακτηριστικά της οξείας βρογχιολίτιδας στα βρέφη. Διαφορές μεταξύ RSV και μη RSV βρογχιολίτιδας
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The characteristics of the acute bronchiolitis in infants. Differences between RSV and no-RSV acute bronchiolitis
Background: The acute bronchiolitis (AB) remains an important morbidity
cause of the respiratory system in infants. Epidemiological data, especially for
hospitalized infants, are limited.
Methods: We conducted a retrospective cross sectional analysis with
reviewing medical records of patients that were hospitalized for AB in the
period of 2012-2020 in the First Department of Pediatrics of Athens General
Childrens’ Hospital «Panagiotis and Aglaia Kyriakou». Patients were classified
in two groups. The first group included infants with RSV infection and the
second one infants with AB due to other respiratory viruses.
Results: Medical records of 519 patients were reviewed and 28 patients were
excluded due to various reasons. As a result, the total study population was
491 patients. The patients with RSV AB were more likely to appear probable
severe bacterial infection that required antibiotic treatment, lower mean of
white blood cell count, developed fever more frequently, received more
adrenaline and hypertonic saline inhalations, received more IV fluids and
presented lower weight, age and saturation in admission. They also presented
increased duration of hospitalization, especially those that were admitted to
PICU, and received oxygen for longer periods of time. The severity of the
disease was assessed in accordance with the need of admission to PICU, the
need of supplemental oxygen and the prolongation of hospitalization. The
multivariate regression analysis showed no variable with negative prognostic
value for the three parameters, concurrently.
Conclusion: The patients with RSV ΑΒ appeared more severe disease in
comparison with patients with bronchiolitis from other respiratory viruses. An
increased compliance with the international and national guidelines in terms of
diagnosis and treatment of disease is required aiming at minimum
interventions in patients and optimal outcome.
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Health Sciences
Acute bronchiolitis, RSV infection, Infants, Respiratory system
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