The construction of ideology through the scandinavian black metal music scene

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Chalazonitis Georgios
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Δέσποινα Χρονάκη, επιστημονική συνεργάτιδα, Τμήμα Επικοινωνίας και ΜΜΕ, ΕΚΠΑ.
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Η κατασκευή της ιδεολογίας μέσα από τη σκανδιναβική black metal μουσική
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The construction of ideology through the scandinavian black metal music scene
This thesis focuses on the subgenre of heavy metal music, black metal. This particular
music scene has been identified with Scandinavian countries, it is known for its antiChristian message and its desire to remain an underground scene. In order to analyze
the ideology of the Scandinavian black metal scene, I presented the relationship
between music and politics. The next chapters concern the heavy and black metal
culture, as well as the projection of the main characteristics of the Scandinavian culture
through references to well-known artists. According to theory, the heavy metal scene is
known for it’s reaction to society and popular culture, while in black metal, the same
message is placed in a framework of anti-Christianity, with national, mythological and
Nazi references. The Scandinavian culture has been formed through Viking mythology
and aesthetics of nature, characteristics that are also evident in black metal. Through
the textual analysis I discovered the multiple meanings of the lyrics. The analysis
showed that the black metal ideology is a complex text with elements of mythology,
naturalism, Satanism and Nazism. The two first waves of the scene used mythology and
Satanism as symbols to declare their aversion to modern society. The third wave
developed a clear neo- Nazi ideology.
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Social, Political and Economic sciences
Music and politics, black metal, Scandinavian culture, anti-christianity, Nazism, Scandinavian mythology
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