The research of empathy in classrooms of cultural diversity

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Κατεύθυνση Ρητορική, Επιστήμες του Ανθρώπου και Εκπαίδευση
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Theologi Sofia
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Τζίνα Καλογήρου, Καθηγήτρια ,ΠΤΔΕ, ΕΚΠΑ
Βίκυ Πάτσιου, Καθηγήτρια ,ΠΤΔΕ, ΕΚΠΑ
Βάσω Οικονομοπούλου, Δρ., Ε.ΔΙ.Π. , ΠΤΔΕ , ΕΚΠΑ
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Η διερεύνηση της ενσυναίσθησης σε τάξεις πολιτισμικής ετερότητας
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The research of empathy in classrooms of cultural diversity
In the last decades, it is observed an increase in migration flow towards Greece, causing the coexistence of different cultures, values, attitudes, behaviors, and languages. The multilingualism and the multiculturalism created significant changes in society, which inevitably affect the school, which in turn, it is converted into a multicultural environment, aligning it with the dictates of the educational policy for equality, solidarity, equal treatment, and the creation of a more safe and friendly environment for all students.
In such a school, the teacher’s role is crucial, not only for passing on the knowledge, but also for his involvement in the psychosocial field. It is a common phenomenon, both in society and school environment, that such problems are created by the inflow of foreign language students, which should be addressed in a spectrum of peaceful coexistence, through understanding the Other and accepting the different.
In the present research, there is an attempt to examine and investigate, through the qualitative method of interviewing teachers, the way in which the teachers themselves try or rather are qualified in «empathy», so that they can accept the Other and accomplish the same for their students. Through phenomenology we ensure that the responders provide their particular perspective and their own experience, as required by Husserl’s phenomenological analysis in which the research object must be examined not in its natural state, but in all its expressions so that no relevant dimension of it is omitted.
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cultural diversity, diversity, multiculturalism, empathy, phenomenology, cultural acceptance, integration, comprehension, the Other, classroom, foreign language students
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