Effects of aircraft fuel JP-8 on the human body

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ΠΜΣ Περιβάλλον και Υγεία. Διαχείριση Περιβαλλοντικών Θεμάτων με Επιπτώσεις στην Υγεία
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Papadopoulos Nikolaos
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Νικόλαος Καβαντζάς, Καθηγητής, Ιατρική, ΕΚΠΑ
Λάζαρης Ανδρέας, Καθηγητής, Ιατρική,ΕΚΠΑ
Γιαννοπούλου Ι., ΕΔΙΠ,Ιατρική,ΕΚΠΑ
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Επιπτώσεις του καυσίμου αεροσκαφών JP-8 στον ανθρώπινο οργανισμό
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Effects of aircraft fuel JP-8 on the human body
The US Department of Defense (DOD) has for many years been dealing
with the problem of using many types of fuel for aircraft, ground vehicles
and other equipment given the large geographic extent of the United
States and its multiple missions of the Armed Forces across the globe.
In the 1980s, this ministry decided to launch a twenty-year process of
replacing various types of fuel with one that has better features and is
suitable for all of its equipment. This decision has affected all of the
countries participating in the Euro-Atlantic alliance (NATO) as well as
those countries that buy mainly war material from the United States. This
fuel was named JP-8 - Jet Propulsion (8) and is less volatile and
flammable than its JP-4 predecessor, and is quite similar to the JET A-1
fuel used by the Civil Aviation. It is estimated that US and NATO forces
each year use five (5) billion gallons of JP-8 and this alone signals that
this fuel is the most common professional chemical exposure, in the
Armed Forces and mainly in the Air Force, from Flight and Technical
Staff at ailments, during pre-flight and post-flight checks and during
aircraft maintenance. JP-8 consists of more than two hundred alpha- and
aromatic hydrocarbons, substances such as benzene, toluene,
naphthalene, to which workers are exposed mainly via the respiratory
and dermal routes.
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Health Sciences
JP-8, Aircraft fuel, Kerozene,Air force, Respiratory and dermal route
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