Placenta volume and adiponectin levels in preeclampsia and IUGR

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Papastefanou Ioannis
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Δημήτριος Κασσάνος, Καθηγητής, Ιατρική, ΕΚΠΑ
Χαράλαμπος Χρέλιας, Αναπληρωτής Καθηγητής, Ιατρική, ΕΚΠΑ
Κωνσταντίνος Πανουλής, Αναπληρωτής Καθηγητής, Ιατρική, ΕΚΠΑ
Χαράλαμπος Συριστατίδης, Επίκουρος Καθηγητής, Ιατρική, ΕΚΠΑ
Μακάριος Ελευθεριάδης, Επίκουρος Καθηγητής, Ιατρική, ΕΚΠΑ
Λέων Αραβαντινός, Επίκουρος Καθηγητής, Ιατρική, ΕΚΠΑ
Σταυρούλα Μιχαλά, Επίκουρος Καθηγητής, Ιατρική, ΕΚΠΑ
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Όγκος πλακούντα και επίπεδα αντιπονεκτίνης σε προεκλαμψία και IUGR
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Placenta volume and adiponectin levels in preeclampsia and IUGR
At 11-14 weeks, recent evidence suggests that at time of nuchal translucency scan, data from the maternal history can be combined with the results of biophysical and bio- chemical tests to estimate the patient-specific risk for a wide variety of pregnancy complications. The introduction of three-dimensional ultrasound had made it possible to measure fetal and placental volume. Three-dimensional (3D) evaluation of fetal and placental growth in first trimester has still received little attention and published data on the correlation of fetal and placental volume with clinical outcomes are scarce. This is a prospective observational cross-sectional study conducted at the Fetal Medicine Unit of Attikon University Hospital, University of Athens. Our aims were: a) to establish reference ranges for placental and fetal volume at 11 to 14 weeks and b) to examine the possible associations between fetal/placental volume with first trimester biophysical parameters, biochemical indices and demographic characteristics. Moreover, we investigated the hypothesis that placental volume could have predictive value for pregnancy complications related to placental impairment such as preeclampsia and intrauterine growth restriction.
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Health Sciences
Preeclampsia, Growth restriction, 3-Dimensional ultrasound, Adiponectin, First trimester scan, Prediction model, Fetal-maternal medicine
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