Mineral Surface Science and Nanogeoscience

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Department of Geology and Geoenviromment
Mineral Surface Science and Nanogeoscience
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In the last decades technological developments have revitalized a new area of research in Mineralogy with respect of the structure and reactivity of mineral surfaces. Mineral Surface Science is closely associated to the fields of Molecular Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry, concerning the investigation of geochemical processes at the molecular level. The expansion of both scientific subjects is based on the combined utilization of advanced microscopic and -surface- spectroscopic techniques, such as AFM, STM, TEM, SIMS, LIBS, and XPS. Nowadays, it is possible to study, by means of in situ AFM, crystal growth and dissolution processes occurring at mineral-fluid interfaces, in real time, also on a molecular scale (nanoscale). Moreover, accelerator-/Synchrotron-based techniques, including PIXE, NRRA, RBS, SR-(µ)XRF, SR-(µ)XRD and (µ)XANES/EXAFS, present new opportunities for Nanogeoscience and, in general, to Earth and Environmental Sciences. Mineral Surface Science and molecular Geochemistry have contributed to the establishment of Nanogeoscience with regard to the study of nanoparticles in nature and the investigation of geological processes in the nanoscale (1 nm–100 nm). As an example, a part of the research currently elaborated concerns the surface chemical behavior of calcite. This common carbonate mineral plays a major role in the global CO2 cycle, participates in key biomineralization processes, and shows high reactivity in fluids controlling the geoavailability and bioavailability of certain contaminants. On the other hand, nanoporous minerals, such as zeolites, clays, and Fe-Mn-oxides/oxyhydroxides, are important natural materials when studying the Earth and developing relevant Environmental Technology. Additionally, Mineral Surface Science and Nanogeoscience are crucial in ore systems research. This Special Issue focuses on recent advances in Mineral Surface Science and Nanogeoscience, including, but not limited to, topics such as crystal growth; mineral dissolution; nanominerals; mineral nanoparticles; nanoporous minerals; nanoscale ore mineralogy; environmental mineralogy; environmental nanoparticles; atmospheric particles; biominerals; medical mineralogy; nanofossils; and nanoscopic methods.
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Athanasios Godelitsas (Guest Editor)
crystal growth, mineral dissolution, nanominerals, mineral nanoparticles, nanoporous minerals, nanoscale ore mineralogy, environmental mineralogy, environmental nanoparticles, atmospheric particles, biominerals, medical mineralogy, nanofossils, nanoscopic methods
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