Female Entrepreneurship, a Culture of Collaboration - Debrief

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Female Entrepreneurship, a Culture of Collaboration - Debrief
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In a period economic crisis, in which solutions are being sought to break out of this vicious cycle, it is our duty and obligation to promote exceptional initiatives such as the European conference "More technologies? More women entrepreneurs!" Approximately 500 participants attended the conference, out of which almost 300 participants
attended the conference physically, -despite the severe difficulties caused by the wave of strikes in Athens, including the strike of all the mass means of transportation- and 195 participated through live web streaming. What distinguished this conference and made it stand out was the fact that it spoke the language of today’s and the future’s female entrepreneur! In other words, it was organized in a manner that took into consideration the participants’ gender-specific needs. It not only gave them the opportunity to leave the conference with new knowledge, but it provided, among other things, practical and useful workshops, focusing on mentoring, on office applications as well as the use and application of social media. This conference was the result .... (see link or attachment]
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Irene Kamberidou
ladybizIT consortium, project number: 518310-LLP-1-2011-1-GR-LEONARDO-LAM
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"More technologies? More women entrepreneurs" Athens, 6 November 2012 / www.gender-it.eu
Women, etrepreneurs, new technologies, social media, social inclusion
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Social, Political and Economic sciences
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DEBRIEF FOR EUROPEAN CONFERENCE: ‘More technologies? More women entrepreneurs!’ Athens, 6 November 2012 / www.gender-it.eu
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