Effects of cardiopulmonary resuscitation on ophthalmic tissues

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Αλλοιώσεις του οφθαλμού κατά την διάρκεια και μετά την καρδιοαναπνευστική αναζωογόνηση
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Effects of cardiopulmonary resuscitation on ophthalmic tissues
The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of ischemia in the
retina and optic nerve after cardiac arrest and reperfusion.
A total of 30 pigs were used. Under general anesthesia throughout the
experiment, the animals were connected to complete monitoring. After
stabilization, the next step was to provoke ventricular fibrillation,
disconnect the respirator and let them in a state of complete apnea and
untreated cardiac arrest for 8 minutes. After that, we began the efforts of
reperfusion with CPR and intravenous administration of the respective drugs for
each group: Group A epinephrine only, group B epinephrine and levosimendan.
The primacy of team B is evident and statistically significant in all
hemodynamic variables measured after application of CPR.
Group B also predominates in regaining automatic circulation. Only 6/15 animals
in group A managed to survive, in contrast to 14/15 in group B.
Regarding indicators of cerebral/retinal dysfunction, all cases examined
confirmed the superiority of group B over group A. Furthermore, S-100 and NSE
in the retina were increased by a significant extent in group A. The same
occurred with the optic nerve, where S-100 was not detected in group B, while
NSE increased significantly in group A.
The results obtained from the staining evaluation were similar, although not
proved statistically significant. Team A was often presented with milder
staining, while group B somewhat more intense.
In conclusion, in this study of experimentally induced ischemia/reperfusion,
the combination of epinephrine and levosimendan seems to be superior to
administration of epinephrine only and offer greater protection.
Retina, Optic nerve, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Adrenaline, Levosimendan
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