First ctd measurements in the active hydrothermal vent field of Kolumbo submarine volcano, NE of Santorini

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Διατμηματικό ΠΜΣ Ωκεανογραφία και Διαχείριση Θαλάσσιου Περιβάλλοντος
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Χριστοπούλου Μαρία - Ελένη
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Δημήτριος Παπανικολάου Καθηγητής (επιβλέπων), Παρασκευή Νομικού Λέκτορας ,Θεόδωρος Μερτζιμέκης Επίκ. Καθηγητής
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First ctd measurements in the active hydrothermal vent field of Kolumbo submarine volcano, NE of Santorini
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Πρώτη χαρτογράφηση του ενεργού υδροθερμικού πεδίου του υποθαλάσσιου ηφαιστείου Κολούμπος ΒΑ της Σαντορίνης, με ctd μετρήσεις
Kolumbo volcano NE of Santorini is a natural laboratory to study both
geological processes and the recently discovered active hydrothermal field. The
crater floor of Kolumbo volcano has been recently explored by E/V Nautilus
(Nomikou et al., 2012a). An extensive hydrothermal vent field was found at the
depth of 505 m at the NNE part of the crater floor.
Conductivity-Temperature-Depth measurements (see 1.2 below) have been conducted
by instruments aboard ROV Hercules. Gas discharges have been found to be 99%
rich in CO2 (Carey et al., 2013a). CTD data can be used to trace anomalies in
temperature, salinity, conductivity or sound velocity with the depth. This
information can be exploited to extensively map the active hydrothermal vent
field. By comparing CTD measurements inside and outside the cone (where no
activity is known to exist) potentially different physicochemical
characteristics in the water column can be studied. Hydrothermal activity has
been exclusively studied in the past by means of visual observation (Sigurdsson
et al., 2006). In this thesis the hydrothermal vent activity is mapped by CTD
measurements for the first time. In addition, CTD profiles can be correlated
with the cone’s morphology in terms of physicochemical properties in the water
Kolumbo, Submarine Volcano, Hydrothermal vent field, CTD, Geomorphology
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