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Historical Archive
The multifarious archival collection of the Historical Archive of the University of Athens consists of more than 2.000.000 pages and covers almost all Greek academic history: from 1837, when the first university of the country, University of Athens, is being founded, to 1980. The digitization of the collection of the Historical Archive started in 1999. The effort has been empowered by the project "Digital Collection of the Historical Archive of University of Athens" of the Operational Programme Information Society, Measure 1.3, Call number 65. In the context of this project, documents of various kinds and thematology have been digitized. Priority has been given to the digitization of documents, books, manuscripts and photographical archive, while a detailed description, organization and documentation of the material has also been made. Not only the antiquity of the material but its continuation in time as well, render it an extremely valuable source for the study of modern Greek history: researchers will find adequate documents about the history of the largest and oldest university in Greece, and also about the social, economic, scientific, academic and cultural history of modern Greece.
The digital collection of the Historical Archive is part of the Pergamos Digital Library since December 2006.
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Historical Archive of the University of Athens
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Historical Archive of the University of Athens
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Web: http://www.archive.uoa.gr/
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Open access is allowed for the material between 1837 and 1941.