Eliminating the Glass Ceiling and the Leaky Pipeline: the ECWT and the EUD- European Directory of Women and ICT

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Βιβλιοθήκη και Κέντρο Πληροφόρησης
Eliminating the Glass Ceiling and the Leaky Pipeline: the ECWT and the EUD- European Directory of Women and ICT
Γλώσσες Τεκμηρίου:
The purpose of this presentation is to promote the targets of the European Center for Women and Technology (ECWT), namely to increase the number of girls and women in the knowledge based economy until the year 2015. To Accomplish this the ECWT has developed the European Directory (EUD) of Women and ICT (http:// www.ictwomendirectory.eu) an online directory, an ecospace – endorsed by the e-skills ILB as the meeting point for ICT women in Europe. The ultimate aim of these initiatives is to encourage young women to choose to study and work in the sector and to ensure their participation in the use, design and production of information and communication technologies and services. This paper discusses the ECWT thematic-focus areas—Education, Workforce, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. Additionally it presents a list of what the ECWT accomplished in 2009: increasing member organizations from 16 to 52; ECWT national point of Contacts (N-POCs) under start-up in 21 countries; discussions with HePIS- the Hellenic Professionals Informatics Society and members of CEPIS-to set up a National Point of Contact in Greece; trengthening collaboration with DG INFSO through signing of the Code of Best Practices of Women in ICT and DG Enterprise and Industry, opening a dialog with DG Research and DG Education, to name few.
Έτος δημοσίευσης:
Irene Kamberidou,
Eva Fabry
Women in ICT-Shadowing conference, European Commission
Τίτλος συνεδρίου:
Presentation at the European Commission’s 'Women in ICT-Shadowing' conference, 7-9 March 2010, Nicosia Cyprus
e-skills, digital skills, women, gender inclusive, user-friendly, European Centre for Women and Technology (ECWT), global framework, activities, goals
Κύρια θεματική κατηγορία:
Κοινωνικές, Πολιτικές και Οικονομικές επιστήμες
Στοιχεία έργου:
In honor of International Women's Day, the Conference "Women in ICT, the Way Forward" 8-9 March, 2010 (Hilton, Cyprus)
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