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Βιβλιοθήκη και Κέντρο Πληροφόρησης
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RESEARCH GROUP PAPER AND DRAFT PROPOSALS FOR CONSULTATION WORKSHOP ON GENDER AND TECHNOLOGY, BRUSSELS, EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Information Society Directorate-General Miniaturisation, Embedded Systems, Societal Applications , February 12, 2005. Includes Irene Kamberidou's Paper and proposals as member of the Gender Expert Action Group (GEAG) and the Research Group for the next Consultation Workshop on Gender and Technology, European Commission, Information Society Directorate-General Miniaturisation, Embedded Systems, Societal Applications, April 22, 2005 Brussels (DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.3546.7606). Concludes with Irene Kamberidou’s observations and proposals from last Gender & Technology Workshop in Brussels.
Keywords and future directions: Bodiless society, gender-neutral society, gender subject, service society, virtual servitude, information manipulation, electronic surveillance, electronic terrorism, (new) information world order, digital despotism, digital capitalism, information elite, exclusionist technophobia, digital illiteracy, interdisciplinary communication, education, techno-education, integration of women (gender integration), action plan, techno-ethos, techno-ethics.
Έτος δημοσίευσης:
Gender subject/citizen, service society, commercialization, “professionalization”, virtual world order, virtual servitude, digital despotism, virtual elite, future exclusions-technophobia, cultural commonality, commonality of cultures, virtual illiteracy, virtual techno-illiteracy, interdisciplinary communication/research, Education, socio-economic-biocentric rationale, technoethics - technoethos
Κύρια θεματική κατηγορία:
Κοινωνικές, Πολιτικές και Οικονομικές επιστήμες
Στοιχεία έργου:
Everything as we know it today is definitively and ultimately in the process of transformation due to two significant changes in the global scene—the globalization of the economy, aggressive/dynamic competition, and the ‘invasion’ of technology in every area of human-social life, in every sector of public and private activity.

Today we are witnessing the creation of “a society of services/ a service society”, as a result of accelerated technological developments, in combination with the globalization of the economy-- a service society, ‘a bodiless society” which is gradually replacing industrial society. The expansion of a new bureaucracy is being promoted, the formulation of units that provide services, and the creation of thousands of specialized employment positions in the distribution and use of new technologies, whose hard nucleus is made up of specific specialized knowledge and know-how, denied to the less-privileged gender subject/citizen. The products of the technological revolution are in reality services—a fact that has foundational consequences on society!

We are at a transitional stage, in a transitional period that not only disorganizes and disorientates but also marginalizes the less privileged gender subject, namely an extremely large sector of the population, the majority of the EU population, the non-mainstream social groups. That which was familiar, understood and considered a given is being eradicated, and no longer understood. Due to the high speed disorganization of existing structures the gender subject/citizen is having dramatic difficulty in adapting and comprehending what is going on, and our social system is confronting difficulties in defining the problems and thus providing solutions on how we can get through this transitional period.
VIRTUAL GLOBALIZATION_feb._2005.pdf (7 MB) Άνοιγμα σε νέο παράθυρο


VIRTUAL GLOBALIZATION_feb._2005.pdf (7 MB) Άνοιγμα σε νέο παράθυρο