Structural and catalytic properties of manganese-based mixed oxides

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Structural and catalytic properties of manganese-based mixed oxides
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Pandis, Pavlos K.
Stathopoulos, Vassilis
Laboratory of Chemistry and Materials Technology, Department of Agricultural Development, Agrofood and Management of Natural Resources, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Psachna Campus, Evia, Greece
Metal oxides exhibit a wide variety of physicochemical characteristics, closely related to their
composition enabling them as versatile materials in heterogeneous catalysis [1-6]. Their
interaction with other oxides as mixed systems or support can further modulate their
properties. In the case of manganese oxides, they are known as efficient catalysts due to the
different available oxidation states of manganese and their catalytic properties can be further
modified or improved when manganese oxides are prepared as mixed systems with other
metal oxides or when special structural features are introduced. In this work manganesebased mixed oxides are discussed for their properties and their structure and composition effect on their catalytic performance in typical redox reactions. Such structural features are
introduced by the synthesis method applied and both composition and structural
characteristics can be used to control the catalytic performance. By synthesizing rare earth,
transition metals and or alkaline earth can be introduced towards mixed systems and
perovskite structure formation [7-11].
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